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Frequently asked questions
About our service
What is the difference between Dialoq and other providers that offer fixed payment?
Dialoq offers voice, data and SMS services worldwide. Our agreements with network operators allow us to make the most cost-effective tariff plans on a country-basis. Our partnership with the world’s leading mobile carriers ensures reliable connectivity, wide coverage and a high level of privacy. Dedicated customer support 24/7. Concierge service is included in every tariff plan. Our key goal is to provide our clients with everything that might be needed while travelling: from transfers, accommodation and entertainment to financial consulting and mobile services around the globe.
Becoming a Dialoq customer
How do I become a customer?
To subscribe to one of Dialoq’s plans, just fill in an online request form or call one of our customer support numbers. The contract and first month’s bill are sent by e-mail. Within 2–5 days after the payment is confirmed, you will get your welcome pack and your SIM card (delivery is free).
Do I need to visit an office to switch to Dialoq services?
No. For your convenience, all interactions with Dialoq are carried out remotely. Your SIM card is sent by express courier service and bills are sent by e-mail.
What kind of phone number will I get?
You’ll get an international number, SMS –enabled, with anycountry code from over 30 countries. You can add several local numbers for incoming calls (in your country of residence, for example).
Can I connect my current number to Dialoq?
No. Unfortunately, this feature isn’t available, however you can setup call redirection from your current number to your Dialoq number. 
Is it possible to get a 'vanity' number upon switching to Dialoq?
Yes, 'vanity' numbers are available upon request for lifelong usage. The vanity number belongs to Dialoq. To find out more about this service, contact our customer support by phone or e-mail or send a request via our website.
Does Dialoq offer a solution for corporate clients?
Yes, we enable companies to create corporate pools for their employees (with a dedicated number and plan for each person). The service (minutes and megabites of traffic) is added together and shared, providing flexibility and significant cost savings.
Can I add an extra local phone number for incoming calls (in my country of residence, for example)?
Yes, all Dialoq plans offer the option of linking a number of local phone numbers to your Dialoq SIM card for a separate fee.
How will I get my SIM card?
SIM cards are delivered by express courier service free of charge within 2–5 working days after the payment of the first bill is received.
What does switching to a Dialoq plan mean for the customer?
After switching to any plan offered by Dialoq, the customer gets 1 international number for worldwide voice calls and data usage for a fixed rate – without additional roaming fees. Each plan offers a certain number of call minutes and data megabytes for a fixed monthly fee with a possibility to buy extra package in case of one-off overage or to switch to higher tariff plan in case of sustainable overage.
Service usage
Do incoming call minutes count?
Yes, incoming call minutes count, as well as outgoing.
What number can Dialoq customers be reached at?
A Dialoq customer can be reached both at their main international number and at any of their local numbers. As local and international numbers are active simultaneously, the customer only uses 1 SIM card.
Which number is displayed when I make a call using my Dialoq SIM card?
Your international number is displayed.
Is it possible to display a local number?
Yes, the DIALOQ Caller ID option selects the number to be displayed according to which country the call is made from. This option is available upon request. Please contact our customer support.
Which Dialoq phone numbers can text messages be sent to?
Text messages should be sent to the international number . Local numbers are used for incoming calls only.
Can I prevent my number from being displayed?
Yes, this service (Caller ID Block) is available upon request. Please contact our customer support.
Can I select another mobile network in my phone settings when I am roaming?
In countries where Dialoq has roaming agreements with several carriers, it is possible to switch from one mobile network to another if needed. Please contact our customer support.
Can I get more minutes, megabytes or text messages than my plan allows?
Yes, this service is available upon request. Please contact our customer support.
What happens if I have used more voice and data traffic in a month than allowed by my plan?
You will be charged for the overage units or text messages used according to our rates. When you are close to exceeding the limit allowed by your plan, we will inform you and offer a more suitable plan.
Which countries support LTE high-speed internet network?
Currently LTE technology is supported in more than 60 countries and expanding.
How does billing work?
All customers get their bills by e-mail along with information about their service usage in the last month. Bills are sent to customers by the 5th day of every month. If the monthly unit limit has been exceeded, the bill will include an extra fee. Dialoq bills can be paid via bank transfers or you can set up automated monthly payments from your credit card. (See Terms & Conditions, section 3). A printed bill can be sent upon request.
What happens if the customer fails to pay the bill on time?
In the event of payment not being received within two weeks of the bill being issued, your Dialoq number will be blocked.
Can I temporarily suspend my Dialoq services and keep my number?
Yes, this service is available at a cost of 50 USD per month.
How can I terminate my Dialoq service?
To terminate your contract for Dialoq services, please call +44 7872 250 555 or contact our customer support at help@dialoq.com.
Customer support
How can I contact Dialoq customer support?
Dialoq Customer Support is available at +44 7872 250 555 (Cell/WhatsUp/Telegram/Viber). You can also reach us at help@dialoq.com or via our online request form. 24/7 customer support is available in English and Russian.
What should I do if my Dialoq card is lost or stolen?
If your SIM card is lost or stolen, please contact Dialoq customer service by phone or by sending an e-mail to help@dialoq.com in order to have the card blocked. After the lost card is blocked, you will get a new one.
How do I deal with connectivity or SIM card issues?
In case of any problems, please contact our customer support.
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