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Effective Lifestyle management. Worldwide.

Voice callsReliable GSM voice service worldwide at flat rates (200–1000 minutes included, coverage amounts to 200 countries).
Data transferHigh-speed internet services in over 160 countries. 4G (LTE) in over 60 countries, including Europe, Russia, Asia and US.
Text messagingText messaging (SMS) are unlimited and included in every single Dialoq tariff plan.
One SIM cardYour one and only Dailoq SIM card with international and local numbers to stay online worldwide 24/7.

Vanity numbers

Main international number can be chosen personally based on the client’s preferences.

Corporate offer

For the group of clients, united under one contract data and voice traffic can form a pool which can be used by the members of the group according to their needs. Or a separate payment plan for every employee. Personalized service for each SIM card holder.

Main international number

You may choose your main international number from over 30 country codes.

Additional local numbers

Local numbers for incoming calls are designed to help callers from your country of residence save on their international phone bills, Dialoq offers the option to link a local phone number to your international Dialoq number as an alias.

How does local number work

For example, if you live in UK and work in France, your callers from UK will be able to reach you at your local number as well as your main international number. You could link several local numbers for the countries you visiting the most.