No more overpaying for voice and data roaming. Just your Dialoq SIM.

Plans & pricing

What does 'unit' stand for?

1 unit is either 1 min of a voice call (outcoming or incoming) or 1 MB of data.

Dialoq uses a unique pricing system. To simplify your experience of phone usage abroad, we introduce units. One unit equals either 1 minute of voice call (incoming or outgoing) or 1 megabyte of data. This system allows our customers to fully utilise the whole range of services included in their selected fixed payment plan.

Thanks to the unit , customers who frequently use voice services do not have to worry about overpaying for phone calls abroad. For the customers who frequently use data services, there is no need to worry about overpaying for the megabytes they use.

As long as there are units available on your account, you can use these services in any proportion.

Global coverage, high service quality and security provided by the world’s leading carriers. We offer LTE (when using compatible devices) in more than 60 countries and expanding.


  • Voice calls

    Regular GSM voice services worldwide.
  • Data

    High-speed 3G and 4G data services. (More about LTE)
  • Sms

    Monthly plans include from 500 to 1000 text messages.

How does local number work?

To help callers from your country of residence save on their international phone bills, Dialoq offers the option to link a local phone number to your international Dialoq number as an alias.
Dialoq provides local numbers in specified countries.
  • +44
    Local number
    in UK
  • +33
    Local number
    in France
For example, if you live in UK and work in France, your callers from UK will be able to reach you at your local number as well as your international number.

Payment options

Dialoq bills can be paid via bank transfers or аutomated monthly payments from your credit card.
  • visa
  • visa electron
  • mastercard
  • mastercard

Dialoq for business

Dialoq offers a unique solution for corporate clients: сorporate pools. One contract, several numbers, flexible usage of voice and data services, transparent billing.
One contract, multiple numbers. A separate payment plan for every employee. Personalised service for each SIM card holder.

Leading networks

Voice and data services provided by the world’s leading mobile carriers – no IP-TEL, no callbacks.

Mobile internet

High-speed data service worldwide (3G, 4G).

Choose a plan

No more overpaying for voice and data roaming. Select single tariff with a fixed monthly payment.

24/7 support

Smart 24/7 customer service in English and Russian.