Coverage worldwide, excellent service quality and security.

Plans & pricing

About Dialoq

Dialoq was established by a group of entrepreneurs who have faced the problems of phone usage abroad. This is why Dialoq is characterized by user-friendly service, transparent billing and high-quality customer support. The single Dialoq tariff not only spares you the excessive costs of mobile roaming, but actually allows you to save on voice and data services worldwide.
  • 235
  • countries
  • Global coverage, excellent service quality and security provided by the world’s leading carriers.
  • 24/7
  • support
  • Dialoq provides high- quality 24/7 customer support.
Dialoq are a team of young inspired professionals with extensive experience in telecommunication and service fields. Our deep understanding of customers’ needs enables us to find the best ways of applying our skills and knowledge. The service was created specifically to provide business users and frequent travelers with a quality voice and data service anytime, anywhere.

Safety and Security

Dialoq is a service provided by Jara Group, a Swiss company. The contractual obligations of Jara Group and its partners fall within the jurisdiction of Switzerland and the USA – two countries where confidentiality and privacy are core values protected by law. Dialoq services are not subject to VAT (except for Swiss customers).
Roaming agreements with the world’s leading mobile carriers provide high-quality voice calls and high-speed data services anywhere in the world. In some countries, where Dialoq has signed partner agreements with several carriers, the customer can switch from one carrier to another, if necessary.
Solid security. Flat rate. One sim card. Flawless service.